Dalmatian Biting

Do you need to get your Dalmatian’s biting behavior under control?  Well then keep on reading as the following information will help you get started.

Dalmatian Biting – The Puppy Years

Stop Dalmatian BitingYou may feel that a Dalmatian biting at the puppy stage is okay as they’re only little.  However, if you allow this biting now, then your Dalmatian will most likely continue to bite as they get older.  And, it is much harder to stop an adult Dalmatian from biting than it is to stop a Dalmatian puppy from biting.  Therefore, it’s best to control or stop your Dalmatian biting while they’re still at the puppy stage.  The following tips and advice will help you in doing just that:

  • Your Dalmatian puppy will view your family as their ‘pack’.  Within this ‘pack’ they will look for an alpha leader.  If there is no clear alpha leader then your Dalmatian puppy may try to become the alpha leader themselves.  One way they may do this is by biting.  Therefore, to prevent this from occurring you need to become the alpha leader yourself as soon as possible.  The best way to do this is by making sure you and your family do everything before your Dalmatian puppy.  This includes both eating prior to your Dalmatian puppy and also going through doorways before your Dalmatian puppy.  Once your Dalmatian puppy see’s you in this alpha leadership role then they will be more likely to listen to you and less likely to bite.
  • Consistency is key in stopping your Dalmatian puppy from biting.  For example, if you decide on a ‘no biting’ rule then stick to this.  Do not be inconsistent and let them bite one day and then tell them off the next.  Inconsistency like this will only confuse your Dalmatian puppy and they will not learn the difference between right and wrong.  So remember – stick to your ‘no biting’ rule at all times.
  • The next time your Dalmatian puppy bites you make a “yelp” sound.  This is a similar noise that your Dalmatian family would have made if they had been bitten.  This noise will show your Dalmatian puppy that biting is not okay.  Repeat this every time your Dalmatian puppy bites.  If you do this then overtime your Dalmatian should stop biting completely.  It’s also a good idea to teach your family members this method as well.
  • Does your Dalmatian puppy try to bite your fingers or toes?  Well, the next time your Dalmatian puppy tries to do this say in a firm, yet calm voice “no” and then quickly grab one of their favorite chew toys and replace your fingers and toes with this.  By doing this your Dalmatian puppy will slowly learn what they can and cannot chew.

The above are just some of the useful tips out there to help stop your Dalmatian biting at the puppy stage.  And remember to start as you mean to go on with a complete ‘no biting policy’.

Dalmatian Biting – The Adult Years

If you were unable to control your Dalmatian’s biting during the puppy years, then it is likely they will continued to bite as they reach adulthood.  If this is the case then it’s vital you stop your Dalmatian biting as soon as possible before they end up hurting somebody.  If you are unable to control your Dalmatians biting yourself then it may be time to bring in some outside help.  A great place to start would be by hiring a professional dog trainer to come to your home.  They are professionals in cases like this and would be able to help you stop your Dalmatian biting.

No matter what stage of life your Dalmatian is at, biting should never be tolerated as that bite could one day end up really hurting somebody.  So don’t delay – take the above tips and information and stop your Dalmatian biting today.

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