Dalmatian Dog Facts

Check out these great Dalmatian dog facts.

The Dalmatians SpotsDalmatian Dog Facts

One of the interesting Dalmatian dog facts is that this breed is well known for their unique spots.

Dalmatian puppies are usually born with white hair and little pigmented spots on their skin.  As they reach two to three weeks in age these spots start to develop.  The spots continue to develop as the Dalmatian ages and at around the age of two to three months they will change color to black or brown.

Dalmatian Size

A male Dalmatian will reach an approximate height of twenty two to twenty four inches (fifty to sixty centimeters).  Females will reach an approximate height of twenty to twenty two inches (fifty to fifty five centimeters).

The average weight for a fully-grown Dalmatian is approximately fifty five pounds (twenty five kilograms).

Dalmatian Personality

The Dalmatian is quite a loyal and loving dog and they are also keen to please their owners.  They are quite protective and will bark if they feel something isn’t quite right – making them excellent watchdogs.  The Dalmatian has a lot of energy so they do need strong authority. They also have quite an outgoing and boisterous nature so ideally they do need active owners.


One of the common Dalmatian dog facts that people like to learn is their average lifespan.  The Dalmatian breed has a life span of approximately twelve to fourteen years.

Ideal Owners

The best Dalmatian owners would be active people or families without small children.

Ideal Home

As previously mentioned, the Dalmatian is quite an active dog.  Therefore, it’s best to have an enclosed yard if you own a Dalmatian so that they can run around freely.  But, in saying this you can still own a Dalmatian if you live in an apartment.  However, if this is the case then it is even more important that you take your Dalmatian outdoors numerous times a day for some exercise.


One of the Dalmatian dog facts is that this breed has lots of energy and endurance.  Due to this, the Dalmatian needs to be exercised every single day such as being taken for a long walk or run.  It’s also a good idea to take your Dalmatian to a safe area where they can run around freely.

If not exercised daily, the Dalmatian breed may get bored and this could lead to destructive or naughty behavior.

Dalmatian Litter Size

Dalmatians usually have large litters of puppies.  In fact, they can even give birth to up to fifteen puppies.


One of the not so great Dalmatian dog facts, is that this breed does shed hair all the time.  To help manage this, it’s good idea to brush the Dalmatians coat on a daily basis.  As a bonus, you only have to bath the Dalmatian on occasion, as they are relatively clean dogs.

There you have it – some great Dalmatian dog facts.  As you can see from the above, they are a wonderful breed of dog.  So what are you waiting for?  Adopt a Dalmatian today!

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