Dalmatian Puppy Training

Adding a new Dalmatian to you family is so exciting.  However, amongst all the excitement you cannot forget to train your gorgeous new Dalmatian puppy.  So why not take the below Dalmatian puppy training tips and start the training process today!Dalmatian Puppy Training

  • As soon as your new Dalmatian puppy enters your home, you should start training them.  If you do this then your Dalmatian puppy should remember the training for their entire lives.
  • Your Dalmatian puppy will be more likely to listen to you during training if they see you as the alpha leader of the pack (or family).  The best way to become this alpha leader is by always doing things prior to your Dalmatian puppy.  For example, make sure you eat your food before your Dalmatian puppy and always walk through a doorway before them.
  • Remember, it is not only up to your Dalmatian puppy to work hard during the training process.  You, as their owner also have to work hard and put in the effort.  If you can do this then you should end up with a well-trained and obedient Dalmatian puppy.
  • It’s important to stay calm and collected when training your Dalmatian puppy.  If they do something wrong then say “no” in a calm and firm voice.  However, you must never use hitting or yelling as a form of punishment.  Acting out like this will only make your Dalmatian puppy anxious and in turn will just prolong the training process.  So remember – use calm yet firm measures instead.
  • It’s a good idea to reward your Dalmatian puppy when they do something correctly.  As an example you could give your Dalmatian puppy a cuddle or even a little treat when they do a certain command right.  This will encourage your Dalmatian to repeat the said command in the future.
  • It’s best to start out with the basics when Dalmatian puppy training.  For example being with the basic commands such as “sit”, “down” and “stay”.  Once these are mastered by your Dalmatian puppy you can then move onto more complicated training.
  • Try and be consistent when Dalmatian puppy training.  For example if you decide to use the command “stay”, stick with this.  Do not change it to something like “stay here please” at a later date.  This inconsistency will only confuse your Dalmatian puppy which may prolong the training process.
  • To begin with your Dalmatian puppy will not be able to concentrate for long periods of time.  Therefore try and keep training sessions short.  The ideal length of time would be about five to ten minutes a session.  However it’s okay to incorporate a number of these shorter sessions into the course of a day.
  • Fun toys or other pets may easily distract your Dalmatian puppy.  Due to this, it’s a good idea to remove any of these distractions before starting out on a training sessions with your Dalmatian puppy.  This will allow you to have your Dalmatian puppy’s full concentration.

There you have it – some great Dalmatian puppy training tips.  So why not put them into practice straight away?  Just think of the end results – a well-trained Dalmatian and beloved member of your family.

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