How to Train a Dalmatian Puppy

Is it time to start Dalmatian puppy training at your house?  Well then you may find the following tips on how to train a Dalmatian puppy rather handy.

How to Train a Dalmatian PuppyStart Early

Ideally it’s best to start training your Dalmatian puppy the moment they enter your home as the sooner you start the better.  By doing this they should remember this training for the rest of their lives.

Pack Hierarchy

Your new Dalmatian puppy will see your family as their new pack.  Within this pack their needs to be a specific hierarchy with you, their trainer as the alpha leader, then your family should come next in line and finally at the bottom of the pack should sit your Dalmatian puppy.  By doing this your Dalmatian puppy will be more likely to listen and obey you throughout training.


When learning how to train a Dalmatian puppy you cannot forget rewards.  They are a great motivational tool to use and will help encourage your Dalmatian throughout the training process.  Rewards could be a cuddle and praise or even a yummy treat.

Naughty Behavior

Your Dalmatian is only a puppy so they may act a little naughty sometimes such as chewing your good shoes or stealing something from the kitchen.  However, if your Dalmatian puppy does do something naughty like this then it’s vital that you stay calm and do not use physical punishment such as hitting or yelling.  If you act out in this way then your Dalmatian puppy will only get anxious which in turn will just lengthen the training process.  Instead, the best way to tell your Dalmatian puppy off is by saying “no” with a firm yet calm tone of voice.


When learning how to train a Dalmatian puppy you cannot forget to be consistent.  This means sticking to your rules and commands.  For example if you decide on a ‘no Dalmatian in the bedroom’ rule then stick to this.  Do not let them in the bedroom for a cuddle as a special threat.  The same goes for commands – if you choose a certain command such as “sit” then stick to this.  Do not change it to “sit down” at a later date.  Inconsistency like this will only confuse your Dalmatian puppy and in turn it may jeopardize all the hard work you’ve put into training.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Remember, your Dalmatian puppy is only little so you will need to repeat things numerous times before it sticks in their mind.  So remember this and try not to get frustrated when training your Dalmatian puppy.

Short, Sharp Sessions

Again, due to your Dalmatian puppy’s young age and limited concentration span, you will not be able to train them for long periods of time.  A good rule to stick to is to only train your Dalmatian puppy for around five to ten minutes at a time to begin with.  This will allow you to have your Dalmatian puppy’s full concentration.  However, you can have a couple of these shorter sessions spread throughout a day.

If you follow the above basic tips then you should have no trouble training your Dalmatian.  So what are you waiting for?  Take the above information on how to train a Dalmatian puppy and start today!

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