How to Train Dalmatians

Is it time to start training your Dalmatian?  Well, check out the below tips on how to train Dalmatians – as they may help you get started!

Patience is a mustHow to Train Dalmatians

When learning how to train Dalmatians you cannot forget this one most important thing: you must have patience.  Yes, at times you might get a little frustrated – you may even want to give up!  But try to push through these tough times and think of what you’re working towards – which is having a well-trained Dalmatian as your loyal companion.

Have fun

You may view training your Dalmatian as a chore.  Instead of viewing it like this, try instead to view it as a great way to have fun with your Dalmatian.  If you do this, then it will make the entire Dalmatian training process a little easier.

Alpha Leadership

Your Dalmatian will be a lot more likely to listen and respect you during training if they view you as their alpha leader.  This means showing your Dalmatian that you are the head of the household.  The best way to establish yourself in this role is by making sure you do everything before your Dalmatian.  For example, you should not feed your Dalmatian until you have firstly eaten.  Secondly, you should always go through an entranceway before your Dalmatian.

If you do not take the time to become the alpha leader, then your Dalmatian may try to fulfill the role themselves.  If this occurs, then your Dalmatian may start to misbehave which in turn could make training them a lot harder.

Consistency is key

Consistency is key when learning how to train Dalmatians.  This means sticking to your chosen rules and commands throughout the entire training process.  For instance, you may decide on a rule where your Dalmatian is not allowed on the couch.  If you choose this rule, then stick to it.  Do not allow your Dalmatian on the couch one day as a special treat.  The same goes for your chosen commands.  If you choose the command “sit” then stick with this.  Do not change it to something else later on.  Inconsistencies like this will only confuse your Dalmatian and in turn it will just prolong the training process.  So remember to remain consistent throughout the entire training process.

Training Session Times

You need your Dalmatians full concentration during training sessions.  The best way to achieve this is by keeping training sessions short.  Ideally, they should go for no longer than ten minutes.  However, you can have a few of these shorter training sessions with your Dalmatian throughout the course of a day.


You cannot forget rewards when learning how to train Dalmatians.  For instance, you can give your Dalmatian a little reward when they complete the “sit” command correctly.  This will encourage your Dalmatian to repeat the command again correctly in the future.  Rewards can be simple things such as a little pat or cuddle or even a yummy dog treat.

Bad Behavior

At times your Dalmatian may act naughty during training.  If this occurs, it is important you keep your cool.   To let your Dalmatian know they have done something wrong, say “no” in a calm yet firm voice.  And no matter how angry you may get, it is vital you never, ever use hitting or yelling a way to punish your Dalmatian.  This will only scare your Dalmatian and it may even jeopardize your training.

The above are just some Dalmatian training tips to help you get started.  So what are you waiting for?  Take the above tips on how to train Dalmatians and get out there and start training your beautiful pet.  And remember – don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

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