Stop Dalmatian Aggression

Has your Dalmatian started acting aggressively?  This is not acceptable behavior and needs to be controlled as soon as possible.  So keep on reading as the following tips and advice will help you do just that.

Different Types of Dalmatian Aggression

Stop Dalmatian AggressionYou may not realize it, but there are actually a few different forms of Dalmatian aggression as you can see from the below.

  • Jumping: If your Dalmatian is jumping then they are likely doing so as a way to show their dominance.  Jumping may not seem like a serious form of aggression however it should still not be tolerated.
  • Growling: Growling in certain situations is okay – such as when you are playing with your Dalmatian.  However, if your Dalmatian growls when you try to take their food away or in another similar situation then this is not acceptable.
  • Biting: Biting is the most serious form of aggression as a Dalmatian bite could really hurt somebody.  Therefore biting aggression needs to be stopped or controlled as soon as possible.

How to Stop Dalmatian Aggression

No matter what type of aggression your Dalmatian has, it should not be tolerated.  So use the following tips and advice, as they will help you in stopping your Dalmatian aggression.

  • Alpha Leader: It is so important that your Dalmatian sees you as the alpha leader of your household.  If you don’t prove yourself in this role then your Dalmatian may try and become the alpha leader themselves and one of the ways they may do this is by acting out aggressively.
  • Training: An obedient and well-trained Dalmatian will be less likely to act out aggressively.  So start training your Dalmatian right from the puppy stage.
  • Consistency: When it comes to Dalmatian biting, it’s important to start out as you mean to go on.  For example, set a ‘no aggressive behavior’ policy in your household and stick to this.  If you are inconsistent and break this rule then your Dalmatian will only get confused and they won’t learn the difference between right and wrong.
  • No Bullying: If you use bullying tactics (hitting and yelling) when training your Dalmatian then your dog may start acting out aggressively in response. If you find you do have to tell your Dalmatian off then do so but in a calm and firm voice.
  • Emotions:All dogs, including Dalmatians can sense human emotions.  Therefore if you are upset or scared then your Dalmatian may act out aggressively as they want to protect you.  If you were in a dangerous situation then this would be fantastic!  But if you just having a heated argument with your partner then this is not so great.  So try and control your emotions when around your Dalmatian.
  • Outside Help: If you are having a hard time controlling your Dalmatian aggression then it might be time to look for outside help.  This could be by enlisting the help of a professional dog trainer who would come to your home.

Aggressive behavior from your Dalmatian should never be tolerated as this aggressive behavior may lead to somebody being seriously hurt.  So don’t delay and get your Dalmatians aggression under control today!

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