Training a Dalmatian

Is it time to start training your Dalmatian?  Well then keep on reading as you may find the below information and tips on training a Dalmatian rather useful.Training a Dalmatian

  • Patience is Vital

    It’s important to realize that your Dalmatian will not pick up everything you teach them straight away.  However, overtime they will.  Therefore, try and remember this and remain patience throughout the entire training process.  Your hard work and determination will be worth it in the end.

  • Have Fun

    Are you dreading the task of training your Dalmatian?  Well you shouldn’t!  The whole training experience should be fun for both you and your Dalmatian.  So instead of dreading the task, why not think of it as a chance to truly bond and have fun with your beloved pet.

  • Establish your Alpha Leader Position

    Before beginning training a Dalmatian, you firstly need to show them that you are the alpha leader of your household (pack in dog terms).  If you do this, then your Dalmatian will be a lot more likely to listen to you throughout the training process.  But, if this position is not established, then your Dalmatian may become disobedient and they will be difficult to train.  The best way to show your Dalmatian that you are the alpha leader is by doing everything before they do.  For example, always eat your own food before feeding your Dalmatian.  Secondly, make sure your Dalmatian never walks through a doorway before you.

  • Remove Distracting Obstacles

    You need to have your Dalmatians full attention during training sessions.  This will not happen if there are lots of tempting toys lying around or other pets running about.  Therefore, remove any of these things before starting your training session.  This will allow you to have your Dalmatians full attention.

  • Consistency
    When training a Dalmatian, it’s important you remain consistent.  This applies to both commands and household rules.  For instance if you pick the command “down” to get your Dalmatian to lie down then commit to this.  Do not alter it to “lie down” later on.  If you act inconsistent like this then it will only confuse your Dalmatian and in turn it may make the training process a whole lot harder.
  • Repetition

    Your Dalmatian will not pick up everything straight away and you will need to repeat everything numerous times.  So repeat, repeat, repeat until your Dalmatian can complete a training task without having to think twice about it.

  • Naughty Behavior

    There are times where your Dalmatian is likely to misbehave.  If this occurs it’s important that you stay calm.  To let them know they have done something naughty say “no” in a firm, calm voice.  However, you must never hit your Dalmatian and you must never yell at them.  If you do either of these things then it will only scare your Dalmatian making them anxious.  So remember – firm yet calm but never hit or yell.

  • Encouragement and Rewards

    It’s a good idea to use rewards when training a Dalmatian.  Not only will rewards help you in getting your Dalmatian to do certain things such as commands, but they will also encourage your Dalmatian to repeat the good behavior again in the future.  There are many rewards out there such as a yummy doggy treat to even just cuddles and praise.

If you wish to have an obedient Dalmatian as part of your family, then training is a must.  So establish your alpha leadership position and start training your Dalmatian today.

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